What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between you and a local family farm. You connect directly with a farmer and receive regulardeliveries of fresh, nutritious food to convenient locations in your neighborhood, or in this case, to your office or school. Connect with a farm through CSA, and experience food in new ways through seasonal eating, heirloom varieties, and recipes and techniques provided by your farmer. You’ll also get to know your farmer and become a part of the farm life through events and community dinners.

Your CSA membership is an investment in your local community and in the future of sustainable agriculture. CSAs are for local, family farms, and the money you spend with your farmer stays in the community. Joseph Fields Farm grows your food without synthetic pesticides or herbicides, and your CSA membership supports these organic growing practices. One Reason CSA is important to your farmer:

slider42_girlOur CSA is run and managed by Charleston’s Earth Heart Growers’ Program, with the help of the
children. The children from partnering Montessori Schools help to grow, harvest, and package the food to be sent home for twice-monthly deliveries.
Our CSA members receive the freshest of our homegrown food in their produce deliveries. If you have a school or work community that would like to register for our CSA – and at least 10 people that would like to sign up – we can deliver directly to you. For more information, please email:


Note: CSA’s and Risk
Weather, pests and disease impact farming conditions, and as a CSA member you will share not just in the bounty but also in the risks farmers face in their jobs. In the case of inclement weather or some natural emergency, the Fields cannot be responsible for the crop loss. In more than twenty years of farming in the Charleston area, the Fields have never failed in a growing season; That said, Joseph Fields cannot guarantee the amount or quality of produce in your delivery in the event of inclement weather.