Welcome to joseph fields farm

Joseph Fields Farm is a 50-acre, certified organic fruit and vegetable farm located on the fertile John’s Island of Charleston, South Carolina. The land is stewarded by Joseph Fields, a third-generation Gullah-Geechee farmer whose heart is as large as his harvest. In tending his land, Joseph and his family live by the basic principles of work hard, love deeply, and care for the land and thy neighbor. Anna, Frederick, Robert Jr., Abraham, and Juanita are part of the family that is alive and working to uphold the family farm tradition. Everything stems from the late Robert Sr and Nancy Fields.
Of original Gullah-Geechee descent, Joseph and his wife Helen uphold a family farming tradition. Says Joseph:

My family has been farming all of their lives, but my parents, Robert Sr. and Nancy Fields were the ones that instilled the principles of farming in us children while we were growing up. I am a certified welder by trade, but farming is the love of my life. As such, I became a full time farmer in 1973 and became the sole proprietor of Joseph Fields Farms 21 years ago.
11 years back, I started toward the goal of planting chemical-free produce. I saw the need to help, and heard the call of the public. Today, I am ‘Certified Organic’.
Thank you for your patronage, and please call if I can be of assistance to you. Tours and visits are always welcomed.

Thanks to this humble dedication to the land, his family and neighbors, Charleston residents have year-round access to some of the most diverse and abundant organic food in the area. Past Year Harvest: His famous John’s Island tomatoes, squash, okra, onions, and collard greens; cucumbers, broccoli, kale, watermelon, celery, and beets; muscadine grapes, beans, cabbage, radish, peanuts, and peas; strawberries, turnips, lettuce and spinach; blueberries, peppers, pickling cucumbers, swiss chard, squash, and more. It is not just the richness of the soil but the richness of the soul that brings this farm to life. Thanks for being with us. As Joseph reminds us: “Tours and visits are always welcome!” See (and hopefully feed!) you soon!

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to serve the Charleston community by providing fresh, organic produce at an affordable cost, making good, healthy food available to as many as we can reach. We work to remediate the soil by implementing organic farming practices, and hope to inspire a next generation of farmers.

Our Vision is to become an integral part of the community, not just as the provider of fresh and organically grown food but also as a gathering place for our extended Charleston family. We intend to bring back the family farm as a cornerstone of the community, and to bring people together across cultural lines over what we all know and love: good company and fresh, local food!